Your Crown, Our Passion

● 100% Kanekalon Fiber● Gentle on Skin● Anti-Itch● Featherlight & Soft● Reusable 4 Times● Artisan Handcrafted● Easy To Install● Feels like Your Natural Hair


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Product Information


We’ve Got You More Variants


Ombre 33 27


Color 1B


Ombre Burgundy


Ombre 1B 27


Cinnamon Spice

Cinnamon Spice

Hand Twisted Crochet Passion Twist Braids, 4 Times Reusable NachiMaya Specialty Cinnamon Spice Blend


Experience stress-free & lightweight charm with NachiMaya Crochet Passion Twists. Crafted by African artisans, these ready to install extensions celebrate your African Heritage. Grab a pack, protect your crown and tell your beautiful story.

Product Details
  • Handmade
  • Pre-Twisted
  • Ready To Install
  • 1 pack contains 160 twists (for full head crochet install, except extra bundle is needed)
  • Re-Usable up to 4 times
  • Light, Fluffy and easy to style
  • Anti-Itch
  • Looks & feels like your natural hair

Don’t Just Take Our Word

NachiMaya Hair Elevates your beauty with soft, lightweight crochet passion twists.
Stylish and reusable up to four times. Transform with our premium extensions.


How To Style

Passion Twist Installation Guide
  • When installing the hair, make sure you loop the hair once or twice. This makes it easier to take down later.
    • Tip: Loop once at the back, then twice from the crown of the head to the front.
Hair Care Instructions
  • Use only foam wrap lotion on the hair to maintain its texture and appearance.
How to Reuse
  1. Tug at the bottom of the loop close to the cornrow, and the hair will slip out. Repeat this for all of the passion twists.
  2. Add warm water & shampoo to a basin, then immerse the hair into it. Swish the hair gently in the water to clean.
  3. Apply conditioner and allow the hair to absorb it for 2 minutes.
  4. Rinse the hair with cold water to seal in moisture.
  5. Gently squeeze excess water from the hair. Do not rub the hair as this can cause tangling.
  6. Pat dry with a clean towel.
  7. Allow the hair to air dry completely.
  8. After the hair dries, spray lightly with oil sheen spray and store in a dry place for your next installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many crochet twists are in a pack?

We have 160 Twists in a pack.

How many twists are in a bundle?

There are 32 twists in 1 bundle.

Will 1 pack be enough to make a full head? Would I need to buy an extra pack?

For a medium size head, 1 pack is enough for a full head, however, if you have a larger skull we recommend you buy one extra bundle of our crochet passion twists in addition to 1 pack.

What is your longest length?

18 inches.

What is your shortest length?

14 inches.

14 inches is too long, I want shoulder length twists, can you make me a shorter length?

Because of the technique we use to twist our hair, strands can be cut into shorter lengths. The twist won’t unravel but stay put.

Are the NachiMaya hair crochet twists ready to ship or are they made to order?

All our hair has already been made & ready to ship.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping takes 4-6 business days.

Is the hair heavy?

Our passion twists are light as a feather, you’ll forget you had extensions installed.

Can your passion twists be re-used?

Yes, absolutely they can be re-used up to 4 times. Most of our clients have been able to get 3 uses out of it.

Can I make a return or exchange?

Yes we accept returns but not exchange. Returns must be received within 7 business days after purchase.

Where do I send my returns?

Email us at with your order name and reason for return. Ship your returns to: NachiMaya Hair, 12999 Murphy Rd., Ste M14, Stafford, TX 77477 USA.